"I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Here… at the bottom of the ocean." —La Saia, Dark Cloud

Well, it’s super sloppy, but I can’t spend more time on her! (Sorry really nice Anon! I know you requested her!) Perhaps in the future I will be able to come back to this piece and clean her up.

La Saia from Dark Cloud was always a really interesting character to me. Of course you have to pity her and all that she went through, but she is so lovely and strange all at once.

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does the book say journal or journey? is this post canon where he no longer has the atlamillia, or did he never have it at all? did he get those rips and bandages from adventuring or from just being your average boy?

so, do you believe in the story woven in the book? maybe it’s a fantasy that existed only in a boy’s heart. let me tell you this story. this ancient book tells of a magical, and magnificent fairy tale.


crest san

(why is it that I never draw him???)


Going through the ‘30 Days of Dark Cloud’ tag is really fun. :)


This is forever going to be one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.