dark cloud 2 monster doodle


wasthatamelon asked:

Hi! I saw you’re doing requests! :) Could you maybe make some Max and Monica fanart for me? From Dark Cloud 2??? :)

I don’t know that game but I hope this is ok!


i probably wont be using what i recorded of the japanese version of dark chronicle this afternoon but heres a bunch of yuricute screencaps 


[[There isn’t enough Chibi Gaspard in the world.]]


all the yellow thingies were fun to draw :3

Gaspard gifsets for darkassassin-gaspard 3/3


memorable video game quote

Thank you so much for submitting this! It looks great!


quick doodle before bed  ’ v ‘


Revealed my secret cosplay for Anime Expo 2014! :DD Will be wearing this on day 2!

It’s Monica Raybrandt from the PS2 game, Dark Cloud 2 or Dark Chronicle in Japan. Monica is my absolute favorite video game character and Dark Cloud 2 is one of the best games I have ever played. It’s seriously underrated and should deserve more love. I’m really happy that this cosplay turned out so well because this is my dream cosplay. I love everything about Monica, she is my baby <3


hey guys watch my little brother sing time is changing from dark cloud 2 (btw he’s autistic)

Awww, his singing was great! :3 - from one autistic to another