Its not done yet. It needs to get glossed as well as have the two parts above it stabilized and glued on better. However I will at least post what it will look like when finished.

Its not my best work AT ALL…
But at least it will be ready for Brad before animethon.

I can’t help but smile reading the responses to 30 Days of Dark Cloud; I’m just glad that everyone liked the idea and at least some of you are participating! Because I have been reading the responses and have been liking them (my personal is minininny). :)


Mr. Tweaky and Mrs. Dopey.

30 Days of Dark Cloud
  1. Dark Cloud or Dark Cloud 2?
  2. Favorite Dark Cloud playable character?
  3. Favorite Dark Cloud monster?
  4. Favorite Dark Cloud boss?
  5. Favorite Dark Cloud area?
  6. Favorite Dark Cloud dungeon?
  7. Favorite Dark Cloud weapons (for each character)?
  8. Favorite Dark Cloud music (not in dungeons)?
  9. Favorite Dark Cloud dungeon music?
  10. Favorite Dark Cloud NPC?
  11. Favorite Dark Cloud cutscene?
  12. Max or Monica?
  13. Favorite Dark Cloud 2 monster?
  14. Favorite Dark Cloud 2 boss?
  15. Favorite Dark Cloud 2 area?
  16. Favorite Dark Cloud 2 dungeon?
  17. Favorite Dark Cloud 2 weapons (for both characters)?
  18. Favorite Dark Cloud 2 monster transformation?
  19. Favorite Dark Cloud 2 music (not in dungeons)?
  20. Favorite Dark Cloud 2 dungeon music?
  21. Favorite Dark Cloud 2 NPC?
  22. Favorite Dark Cloud 2 cutscene?
  23. Favorite costumes for Max and Monica?
  24. Favorite ‘party’ member in Dark Cloud 2 (ex. Donny, Priest Bruno)?
  25. Fishing (both the Fish Race and the Fishing Contest) or Spheda?
  26. Weapon system of Dark Cloud or Dark Cloud 2?
  27. Dark Cloud's Steve or Dark Cloud 2's Steve?
  28. Toan or Max?
  29. Dark Genie or Emperor Griffon?
  30. What do you want to see in a Dark Cloud 3?

Tag your responses as #30 Days of Dark Cloud, if you would! I realize that I did some padding with some of the questions, but you’re free to make up your own! And that goes if you’ve only played Dark Cloud or Dark Cloud 2. 




i’ll draw Toans until the day i die


I grew up thinking Gina was Toan’s cousin, since she was “aunt” Laura’s daughter. It is only when I noticed it was because she was called “laura obasan” in the japanese version and when i re-read Gina’s description in the georama mode that I realized I was mistaken lmao

I still believe Toan spends a lot of time with her, though, so i won’t give up my headcanons so easily


idk anymore but this could make a good icon


Full shot of my Monica Raybrandt cosplay from Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle

Photo by littlemisslashae and taken at Anime Expo 2014

Minor edits by me